Bethany’s a little miracle

When twin Bethany Braitch was rushed to hospital on the day she was born with a rare condition her family were left praying for a miracle.


She had to have an emergency operation after being diagnosed as a TOF baby – a rare condition which means the windpipe and foodpipe are connected. She suffered a cardiac arrest on the operating table at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The family had already seen eldest child, Manvir, now eight, diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome – a rare illness characterised by severe learning difficulties and unsteady or jerky movements.

Bethany, born two months premature, pulled through on Good Friday last year and celebrated her birthday at the weekend at home in Claregate, Wolverhampton, with twin sister Jessica.

One in 3,500 births are diagnosed as TOF babies. It is dangerous because air can pass from the airway into the stomach or food can get into the lungs.

Father Sukhninderjit Singh Braitch, 37, said he was looking for a miracle when Bethany was taken ill and relied on his faith to help him through.

Mr Braitch, of Green Lane, said: “It was a difficult, stressful time but we got through it.

“The neo-natal team at New Cross were brilliant. They were so great and it is such a hard job to do.”

Mr Braitch also paid tribute to surgeons at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The family, who have another daughter Serena, four, are regulars at Asian Christian Fellowship, Wolverhampton.

Mr Braitch said: “Our Christian faith has helped us during this difficult time.

“As a Christian family we relied upon God’s word, the Bible and on Good Friday the Lord kept her alive.”

Battler Bethany celebrates fifth birthday

Battler Bethany celebrates fifth birthday

It was touch and go for the premature baby who had to undergo an emergency operation after she was born with her windpipe and foodpipe dangerously connected.

She survived the procedure and the Wolverhampton youngster’s health has consistently improved over the years. Today she and her twin sister Jessica are celebrating their fifth birthdays.

Father Sukhninderjit Singh Braitch, 41, said it was a “miracle” his daughter had pulled through.

He said: “On the day Bethany was born, we did not even think she would make it. She had to be rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and her mum had not even held her. She could have died but against all the odds she had made it.”

Bethany pulled through for her dad and mum Parmjeet Kaur, now 36, from Claregate, Wolverhampton. Jessica was also born two months premature and had to remain at New Cross Hospital for several months.

The twins now go to Palmers Cross School in Tettenhall. Mr Braitch added: “They are doing very well. Bethany has to wear a hearing aid but apart from that she is well.”

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